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New Roofing Press Release Published

As you guys know, we were recently honored by Firestone Building Products for excellence in roofing construction and maintenance. We were given the title of Master Contractor and also given the Inner Circle of Quality Award. These are big accomplishments in the roofing industry and in order to get the word out about them we

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New Roof Construction for Massachusetts Seafood Restaurant

Eagle Rivet has completed construction of a new roof for Legal Sea Foods in Braintree, Massachusetts. Widely considered the best seafood restaurant chain on the Eastern Seaboard, Legal Sea Foods’ new location in Braintree got a new Eagle Rivet roof with Siplast PMMA liquid waterproofing and stylish wood pavers. For more information, check out the

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Eagle Rivet Builds Roof For Peter T. Paul Building at UNH

Eagle Rivet has built the roof for the Peter T. Paul Building at the University of New Hampshire. The Building houses the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics, featuring almost a thousand instructional seats in 16 high-tech classrooms. The building is not only filled with educational facilities and event spaces, but is also

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Check Out Our New Listing On

Here at Eagle Rivet we’re always trying to branch out and find new ways to connect with current and future customers. We know that there are a lot of different roof service companies out there and its important to continue to work on our visibility. It is with this in mind that we’re happy to

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Visit EagleRivet at tomorrow’s tradeshow

Eagle Rivet Roof Service Corporation will be in attendence at the Connecticut Heating & Cooling Contractors Association tradeshow tomorrow! We look forward to seeing you there as well! Roofing and HVAC More PowerPoint presentations from Ryan Turner

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New Roofing Articles Published

We’ve got two brand new articles up that you guys should take a look at. Both of the articles were published on and they’re part of our effort to educate New England property owners about different types of roofing. We haven’t seen a lot of quality articles out there on the most advanced types

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The Newest Addition to our References Page

Our name and reputation is very important to us. It’s one of the chief factors in our success and longevity as a company. We put a lot of time and effort into making sure that our reputation is supported by a great work ethic and quality services. Besides the final results of our work, the

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Now That’s a Cool Roof

 The tradition of dwellings clinging on top of other structures like swallow nests on a cliff has a long and honored history. Many bridges in medieval Europe housed rows upon rows of haphazardly-built houses and shops. More recently, numerous countries that lack strong zoning laws have left space for people with apartments to get creative

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Eagle Rivet and LEED

In recent years, as energy costs go up and the toll that human activities take on the planet becomes more and more apparent, governments and private businesses alike have begun to explore ways to preserve economic growth while making it more environmentally friendly and sustainable. From manufacturing methods to trash disposal, there are ways to

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Great Roof Waterproofing Products From Eagle Rivet

The fact that roofs are waterproof (or are supposed to be) is something that is often taken for granted. In all honesty waterproofing a roof is harder than it looks—especially with traditional materials like shingles and wood. Thankfully, recent years have yielded a wide range advancement in waterproofing and insulation products. These products are engineered

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