The Northeast was hit hard by hurricane Irene and few places saw it worse than Massachusetts. Most of the damage dealt was obvious, tree limbs torn down, power lanes strewn about and wide spread floods. This isn’t even to mention the power outages that lead to car accidents thanks to blank traffic lights. But not all of the damage caused by the storm was obvious.

Hurricane Irene caused plenty of damage just from falling trees and tree limbs alone. And the damage done wasn’t just isolated to power lines–which means there’s a good chance your roof took a pounding as well. And just because your roof held up fine during the storm doesn’t mean that it is alright. There’s a chance it sustained damage that isn’t obvious. In some ways a leaky roof is a good thing because it provides an obvious sign your roof is in trouble. But if you need to find out the health of your roof there is one easy step to follow–call Eagle Rivet. We’ll fix damaged roofs and with our free Rooftop Condition Analysis we can find small problems before they become big ones. With our analysis you’ll have a concrete assessment of each part of your roof, and we promise to make it strong where it needs to be.

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