Hurricane Irene was tough on a lot of people. Thousands of homes lost power which put many in tough situations. It’s easy to forget how much we rely on electricity for our entertainment, work or as just a way to pass the time. But blackouts were the least of some people’s trouble and many had to deal with floods that caused irreparable damage and worse. As clean up efforts surge forward one area that shouldn’t be overlooked are roofs. They often take the brunt of Mother Nature’s fury and in this case it’s no different.

During the storm there were no shortage of threats to your roofing system, from high wind, torrential downpours to falling tree limps. If you were lucky of course–sometimes the entire tree fell. If your roof was suspect before the storm you can be sure that it’s much worse off now. It’s important to make repairs quickly because there’s another power storm on the way. If you do need roof repair the expert contractors at Eagle Rivet are just a phone call. And if you’re not sure whether or not you need repairs done you can still call us. We’ll provide a free roof top analysis (RCA). With the RCA we provide vital information about the life of each roofing system. It’s an indispensable service for a roof recovering from or facing a harsh storm.

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