As roofs are going through the changes in seasons, from Spring to Summer and now Summer to Fall – it is wise to prepare your roof for bad weather. Roofs are exposed to all different temperatures and conditions, which is why we have to take especially good care of them. Roofs are the first barriers your house has from different elements – from hot summer days and rainy fall days – to even blizzards. Some of the things that you can do to prepare your Boston flat roof systems for the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons are:

Cleaning Cutters – You need to keep your gutters clear all year long, but they need to be cleaned often in the fall. Leaves and dirt can clog up gutters, leaving them to stop filtering out water and other elements. The rain water will overflow the gutters and case damage to your house, roof, siding, windows, etc. The gutters can eventually pull away from the house due to the water weight, and can break. Cleaning gutters often to make sure they can pass water through will help prevent this problem, and some people even use gutter shields to prevent debris from collecting in gutters. Top brands for gutter shields that we can recommend are the Master Shield Gutter Protection System.

autumn_leaves_colouredChecking Roofs for Damage – The last thing you want during the Fall and Winter seasons is to have a crack or leak in the roof go unnoticed and have cold air and water come through to cause major damage to your house. This can potentially cause so much damage that you will have to replace the roof – and the worst time to replace a roof is in the winter. In order to prevent this from happening, make sure the roof is clean. Look at the roof surface for any cracks or curled shingles or edges. The places that often have leaks are around chimneys, skylights and vents, so check for damaged flashing around them. If the flashing needs repair, you will likely need a roofing expert to make sure you are safe for the unpredictable Fall and Winter months.
Clearing off Debris 
– Clearing off your roof is important because any debris will hold in moisture which can cause mold and rotting to the material of your roof. Remove ant dirt, leaves, pine needles or debris in order to set a clean base for your roof. A broom will help to get most of the debris off the roof, if you are comfortable with standing on top of the roof. Debris settles into any valleys in roofs, so make sure to pay special attention to those areas. These areas are most prone to water damage and leakage.

Ventilation and Insulation – Airflow is important for any attic , and without vents or insulation, the hot air will condense if sunlight hits your roof, causing mold and damage to the roof. The lack of airflow means extra work for your house and much higher energy bills. Leaks can occur as the heat can result in ice dams in high elevations.

Insulation is crucial because as hot air gets into your house, it will overheat rooms and cause the A/C to work more than it has to. Insulation will make you use a lot less energy, being a sustainable choice for any homeowner during the upcoming Fall and Winter.


If you think your roof is in need of repair, it is best to do it now before it is winter. We can offer a free roofing evaluation, to help you not only save your home on energy, but give you the peace of mind during the harsh Fall and Winter weather. Contact us today to have a safe roof that will last years through different weathering.