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Roofing Products You Can Trust

The fact that roofs are waterproof (or are supposed to be) is something that is often taken for granted. In all honesty waterproofing a roof is harder than it looks – especially with traditional materials like shingles and wood. Thankfully, recent years have yielded a wide range advancement in waterproofing and insulation products. These products

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FiberTite Chemical Test

When we added the building products feature of FiberTite we included a product test video they had on their site. The test pitted other roofing products against FiberTite in a fire test. FiberTite won of course and you can visit the FiberTite Building Products page to see the exact results. Well FiberTite didn’t just run

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Topps Elastomeric Roof Coating Page Added

We have just written a product page for Topps Elastomeric Roof Coatings on Eagle Rivet has been using Topps coatings in insulation and roof repair for years, since both their water-borne and solvent based coatings offer great longevity and unsurpassed quality. Click on the link to read about the difference between water-borne and solvent-based

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Siplast Building Products Page Added

We’ve added a new building products page to This time we’re featuring Siplast building products. Siplast is a company that has been around for some time now and every move the company has made has been marked by innovation. In 1960 they developed their SBS modified bitumen, which has become a stable of the

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New Building Products Page: Sika Sarnafil

Hey guys check out the newest addition to our building products section. This time we’re featuring Sika Sarnafil. They’re a building products company which has been around for more than 45 years. They’ve been consistent, dependable and prolific in that time frame and there are more than 15 billion square feet of Sika Sarnafil membranes

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CertainTEED Building Products Page

Our newest company feature is of CertainTEED Building Products. They’re a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain. They’re a large company that knows how to put all of the resources at their disposal to good use. CertainTEED produces high quality roofing materials and our favorite by them is their Symphony line of composite slate shingles. You can learn

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Roofing Services You Can Trust

Eagle rivet roof service corporation has been in business since for almost 100 years. During our time in business, we’ve honed all the areas of our services and have become the go to place for roofing design, construction and repair. Our Roof Condition Analysis report is a great reflection of our expertise and the way we

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Simon Roofing Builder Page Added to

Head over to to view another one of our building product company profiles. The newest one we have on the site is that of Simon Roofing Building Products. It’s a company that has been perfecting their products and services since 1900 and their experience is evident in the quality of everything they make. Our

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Learn About Owens Corning Roofing

We recently added a new building products feature page on This time the company featured was Owens Corning Roofing. We have been utilizing products from Owens Corning for years now and especially in the residential sector. Our favorite product from Owens Corning is their asphalt shingles–and in particular, their Duration Premium Cool Shingles. You

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Fibertite Products Featured on

The newest building product page we’ve added to our main site is that of FiberTite Roofing Products. FiberTite is a great example of what can be accomplished when the best in technology and design meet. FiberTite is a line of products designed and produced by the Seaman Corporation. The Seaman Corporation has been working with

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