University Towers

Eagle performed all re-roofing work as part of a major upgrade to this facility. The 15,000 square foot roof had a built-up roofing system which Eagle replaced with a Firestone EPDM Roofing System over tapered insulation. The 22-story building had previously undergone partial re-roofing, which left multiple roofs to be removed. A 260 foot boom […]

Yale University

Great care was used during the installation of this 5,000 square foot roof. Due to the roof’s isolated location, debris from the original roof removal, as well as the new roof materials had to be brought to the jobsite through the medical facility. A Tremco Cold Applied Built-Up Roofing System over isocyanurate insulation was used. […]

EPDM Flat Roofing

The existing built up roof system on this facility had performed well beyond its life expectancy (largely due to an aggressive maintenance program by Eagle). A fully-adhered Firestone EPDM Roof System was installed for its replacement. Installation of the 150,000 square foot roof system proceeded while the manufacturing facility was in full operation, with minimal […]