Metal Roof Installers: How to Find the Best in the Business

metal roof installers

Are you in need of a reliable commercial metal roof installer? Do you feel overwhelmed by the options available? For many, selecting the right commercial metal roof installers can be daunting. However, the right installers can ensure high-quality work, timely completion, and cost-effectiveness. A skilled commercial roof installer can provide expert advice on the best type of […]

St. Pius X Church

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Simon Foundation

Metal Panels and Shingles General contracting job (C.S. Margison) Locality: Bloomfield, CT Project Type: Roofing restoration Materials: metal panels, metal shingles

Kelly Residence Green Roof

HydroTech Green Roof with Sedum Carpet / Firestone Metal Panels / Wood Shake Roof Locality: Hartford, CT Project Type: Green Roof Project Materials: HydroTech Green Roof with Sedum Carpet, Firestone Metal Panels, Wood Shake Roof

Friends Center for Children in New Haven

Eagle Rivet installed a TPO flat roof and a metal roof for the Friends Center for Children in New Haven CT. For the Flat TPO roof, we installed tapered polyiso insulation cricket at the main roof. We also installed 2-layers of 3.5″ polyiso insulation @ the garden roof. Last, we fully adhered a .060 Firestone […]

Fairfield University Jesuit Center

Sarnafil Green Roof / Firestone Ballasted EPDM / Firestone Metal Wall Panels Locality: Fairfield, CT Project Type: Green Roofing Project Materials: Sarnafil Green Roof, Firestone Ballasted EPDM, Firestone Metal Wall Panels