How to Become a Roofer: A Step-by-Step Guide

how to become a roofer

Roughly 25% of the construction workforce is over the age of 55. With these professionals heading for retirement over the next few years, there’s a strong need for more skilled workers to enter the workforce. If you’re interested in a job that blends outdoor work, technical skills, and job stability, why not consider a career in roofing? […]

Zahren Residence

Roof Design Project subcontracted through Gables Construction – Enterprise Builders Locality: Avon, CT Project Type: Roof Design Project

Taylor Hall Dormitory

The elite and storied Loomis Chaffee School contracted Eagle Rivet for re-roofing of some of its dormitory facilities. This high-end, specialty project involved removing existing roofing materials, then designing and building a new slate and standing-seam copper roof. We decided to perform all the roofing work at the same time, to maintain consistency between different […]

University Towers

Eagle performed all re-roofing work as part of a major upgrade to this facility. The 15,000 square foot roof had a built-up roofing system which Eagle replaced with a Firestone EPDM Roofing System over tapered insulation. The 22-story building had previously undergone partial re-roofing, which left multiple roofs to be removed. A 260 foot boom […]

Kelly Residence Green Roof

HydroTech Green Roof with Sedum Carpet / Firestone Metal Panels / Wood Shake Roof Locality: Hartford, CT Project Type: Green Roof Project Materials: HydroTech Green Roof with Sedum Carpet, Firestone Metal Panels, Wood Shake Roof

Meadow Farm Condominium Association

The roofs of this condominium community had been plagued by ice damming issues brought about by the two recent severe winters in the Northeast. A prominent local engineering firm was retained to develop a solution involving a combination of ventilation upgrades, siding removal to extend ice and water shield coverage at roof-to-wall intersections and shingle […]

Historic Residential Roofing Project

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Bidwell Residence

Eagle Rivet is a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor Program Member. “Something we recommend to all of our customers who live in areas prone to snow, is to install snow guards. Snow guards come in many styles and colors and can help prevent the avalanche of snow and ice off your polymer slate or shake roof.” Here […]