EPDM Roofing: The Superior Choice for Commercial Roofing in New England

When it comes to commercial roofing, the choice of material matters just as much, if not more, than it does for residential projects. Commercial roofs must stand up to all the same stressors as a residential roof, like harsh winters and the variable New England climate, but due to their slope, shape and size, commercial roofs must be made from the highest quality materials available.

Commercial roofs tend to have a lower slope than residential roofs, or they can even be completely flat. Also, commercial roofs usually have a massive area and an irregular shape. We know that when it comes time to replace or repair your commercial roof, you will be looking for the best possible materials for the project. At Eagle Rivet, one of our favorite options for Boston commercial roofing systems is EPDM. We prefer EPDM because it is the most capable of withstanding the great range of weather we get here in New England. Harsh winters have always been a part of New England living, but in recent years commercial roofs here have also had to survive through Hurricane Irene, Super Storm Sandy, and a number of other rough storms and weather patterns.

Bristol Hospital EPDM flat roof

Many in our industry would agree that EPDM roofing is the best choice for your next commercial or industrial roofing project in New England. Below, we’ll highlight and discuss in detail the following three reasons as to why EPDM and Eagle Rivet are the best choices for your commercial roofing needs:

  1. EPDM roofs are the most logical choice for harsh New England weather, no matter what the season.
  2. We have knowledge, experience, and expertise with major EPDM brands, like Firestone and Carlisle Syntec.
  3. Our key brands are the finest in the business, as they’re made with top-of-the-line, high quality materials.

What is EPDM and How Does It Work?

EPDM – or ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class) – is a synthetic rubber that can be used in a wide number of applications. Notably, EPDM is used for weather sealing on automobiles and has been a preferred choice for roofing projects for decades.

The popularity of EPDM for industrial roofing applications can be explained by the fact that it is completely waterproof and resistant to corrosion. In fact, EPDM was designed to withstand extreme heat, weather, and ozone, and is also quite resistant to steam and polar substances. At Eagle Rivet, we use EPDM for “flat roof” industrial projects, and it is a great choice for any business that needs a new roof or roofing repairs, as it is remarkably affordable given the quality of the product. Additionally, it has three distinctly beneficial properties:

  • EPDM is environmentally friendly.
    EPDM is environmentally friendly for a number of reasons. First, the product can be manufactured in white, which reflects the sun and it’s heat, thus driving down climate control costs for businesses with EPDM roofs. Second, the product is entirely recyclable. After it has lived out its usefulness as a roofing material, EPDM can be processed into something else.
  • EPDM is cost efficient.
    Our manufacturers guarantee the durability of the product for up to 20 years. However, in our experience, EPDM roofs can last twice as long with regular maintenance. By the time you factor in decreased climate control costs, EPDM becomes the most cost efficient material on the market for industrial roofing projects.
  • EPDM is both durable and flexible.
    Unlike other rubbers that will crack and warp when wrapped around things, EPDM has a durability that allows it to flex without being compromised. This also applies to extreme moisture and dryness, making it the top option for surviving wet New England winters and summer’s dry spells as well. Furthermore, EPDM has superior breathability, without being permeable. This means that your business will experience greater air circulation without worrying about leaks from the outside.

Our EPDM Roofing Brands

At Eagle Rivet, we are proud to work with the finest EPDM brands available. In particular, we have extensive experience with the top Firestone EPDM Roofing and Carlisle Syntec lines.

EPDM flat roof for Voltarc Technologies

Carlisle Syntec has been producing high quality single-ply roofing for more than four decades. Though their extensive product line is all quality, their EPDM roofing supplies are among the finest in the business. We are very pleased with their X-Tenda Coat line of acrylic coatings, which are Energy Star certified and comply with California’s Title 24.

Firestone is a company that is most often associated with tire production. Conveniently, Firestone has taken its knowledge of rubber tire production and applied it to commercial EPDM roofing supplies, creating great products such as the highly reflective AcryliTop EPDM Coating, perfect for white roofs since it reflects up to 68% of sunlight (for comparison, the EPA Energy Star standard requires only 30% reflectance).

We stand by our EPDM brands and are extremely familiar with their installation and maintenance requirements. For more information about how you can get a Firestone or Carlisle Syntec roof for your business, contact us at your convenience.

Your Commercial or Flat Roof

When it comes to your commercial roofing project or repair, we know that you want the best quality roof, that will be long-lasting and low maintenance at the same time. Eagle Rivet stands behind our Firestone and Carlisle Syntec product lines. If your commercial or industrial roof needs to be replaced or repaired, call us today to find out how an EPDM product can revitalize your roof.

Our EPDM roofing supplies are cost efficient, impervious to cracking from heat, moisture or dryness, and are completely recyclable. All these properties make EPDM a wise choice for commercial roofing in New England, where the weather can be as harsh as it is unpredictable.

If you need a new commercial or industrial roof or are looking for a replacement, contact us to discuss how an EPDM roof can help your business.

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