Green Roof / Vegetative Roof Design and Construction

green-roof-girl-roofA Vegetative “Green” roofing system from a Boston green roof contractor is a roof of a building which has been partially or completely covered with vegetation and a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane. These systems also may consist of additional layers such as root barriers, drainage and irrigation systems. The “green” term is generally referred to as the growing trend of being environmentally friendly.

Eagle Rivet Roof Services is experienced in installing cutting edge green/vegetative roof systems. Plant life over the roof surface provides a positive environmental impact in several ways.  It converts the carbon dioxide which we all breathe out to the oxygen which we all breathe in.  It reduces the urban heat island effect by replacing roof surfaces that absorb heat to and give it off to the surrounding area to surfaces which are neutral in their heat absorption. The soil absorbs and slows storm water runoff which eases the strain on municipal storm water drainage systems.  And finally, they provide an area of respite for building occupants which otherwise might gaze upon an unattractive commercial roof system.  Often, walking paths and gathering areas are provided on green roof systems which provide an outdoor sanctuary to office workers.

Eagle Rivet can provide stand alone green roof design and build installations or can work with your design professional or general contractor.  Please contact us to see how a green roof system can enhance the value of your facility.

Recycling Roof Materials

Eagle Rivet also wants to assist in your eco-friendly efforts at the end of your roof’s life cycle. We invite you to take advantage of our strategic industry recycling partnership before you begin your next roof tear-off project.

Projects & Green Roof Pictures

Kelly Residence
Fairfield University Jesuit Center

Harbour House Restaurant at Mystic Inn

Harbour House Restaurant, Inn at Mystic Eagle Rivet built a deck

Suffield Academy Holcomb Hall

This project involved the installation of vegetative roofing on the Suffield

Bidwell Residence

Eagle Rivet is a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor Program Member. “Something we

North Haven Target Outlet

Eagle Rivet works on solar panel installation for: Target Retail Outlet

Hartford Personal Lines Insurance Center

Eagle’s roof service experts remove and replace the roofing for… The

Simon Foundation

Eagle Rivet’s roofing experts restore the roofing for… Simon Foundation Metal

Vista Mar Community Housing Complex

Eagle’s roof service experts provide the roofing for… Vista Mar Community

New Roof for Miss Porter’s School

Eagle’s roof service experts install the new roof for… Miss Porter’s

UConn Roofing System Installation

Eagle’s roof service experts install the new roof Brainard Eacott on

Hallmark Cards Distribution Center

Eagle performed the re-roofing of this 130,000 square foot facility. A

Avon Old Farms School Roof Installation

Eagle’s roof service experts install the new roof for… Avon Old

EPDM Industrial Roof Replacement

Driven by Latex International’s ambitious relocation effort after a devastating fire

Connecticut Juvenile Training School New Roof

Eagle’s roof service experts install the new roof for… Connecticut Juvenile

General Electric Solar Panel Project

Eagle’s roof service experts restore the roofing for… General Electric Fairfield,

Legere Woodworking

Eagle removed the existing roof and replaced it with a Firestone

NRG Montville Power Station

Eagle performed a 25,000 square foot roof replacement for the NRG