Eagle Rivet Roof Service Corporation is committed to bringing a high level of professionalism, respect and diligence to all our roofing projects in Connecticut, Florida and Massachusetts.

When you need a roofing contractor in CT, make sure you demand the best. We have a list of 21 reasons to choose Eagle Rivet CT Roofers, but here’s how it boils down. Whether you are a homeowner, property manager or commercial building owner, we’re here year in and year out to keep your home or property in great shape from the roof down.

Customer Understanding is Key to Complete Satisfaction

We always consult with the customer and take the time to thoroughly explain the details of the roofing work before the start of the project. We plan the project schedule carefully, so that any water, heat or power outages are kept to a minimum. In addition, we organize our contractor schedule around reasonable hours, doing our best to maintain our commitment to working around your schedule.

Most importantly, before we leave, we will go over the project with you to make sure that everything was completed to your satisfaction.

Respect for the Roofing Project Workspace

When we start our roofing contract work, we do everything in the most respectful manner, doing our best to set an example for how roofing contractors in Florida, Massachusetts and Connecticut should maintain themselves . We don’t play loud music and yell while working in the mornings. This prevents issues with your neighbors and homeowner associations. We keep our work vehicles in shape so our customers under roofing contracts won’t suffer from deafening muffler noise and blue clouds of exhaust on your property. If we act as sub-contractor in a commercial roofing project, we’ll set the example for others on the project.

We will take steps to protect your lawn and walkway to your home and your landscaping on commercial roof maintenance and construction contracts. We will also spread drop cloths on any floors and stairs in our work areas. We have a strict ban on tobacco products in our company. Our employees will neither smoke cigarettes or use chewing tobacco on your property.

Protecting Your Property is the Whole Idea

We carry complete liability, and we are comprehensively insured. If one of our employees receives injury while working on your project, your homeowner’s insurance will not be affected – in addition, in the unlikely event that your property ends up damaged, we are insured for up to 2 million dollars.

Our teams are experienced and have worked and bonded together for a long time. All of our employees have up-to-date professional services and behave responsibly. If you have pets, we will be very careful while parking or backing up our vehicles.

When we are finished with the work, we clean up thoroughly after ourselves. We remove all construction debris, and moreover, if any of the debris has potential value as scrap, we will ask you before disposing of it. We won’t leave any construction-related garbage in your trash cans, and before we leave, we will go over the project with you to make sure that everything was completed to your satisfaction.