Roof Replacement

Eagle Rivet Roof Service Corporation works closely with General Contractors, Roof Consultants and/or Building Owners to achieve the common goal of a high quality re-roof application. Our portfolio of roof replacements in New England demonstrates our experience and ability to deliver on projects, and we want to do the same for you!

Technology in Roof Replacement

Technology in roofing has made a big impact in the building industry. If you live in New England, you will concur that the rough winters and storms can damage your roof. However,with the latest technology in roofing, this is problem has been solved.

At Eagle Rivet we have been at the forefront of this roofing revolution through provision of modernroof installation and replacement services. But first things first, why would you need to replace your roof?

One of the main reasons for roof replacement is to repair damage. Inclement weather has for decades ravaged New England and hence, problems such as leakage, water damage, granule loss due to ice floods and cracked shingles are common.

In addition, if your roof generally looks worn out, give it a new lease of life through replacement thus enhancing your home’s aesthetic outlook. Actually roof replacement is one of the oldest tricks in the book to add value to your home or to remodel it to fit a certain contemporary design. Simply put, at Eagle Rivet we can re-inject some fresh breath into your property by replacing its roof.

We provide cutting edge technology-based roofing solutions. As one of the few companies using the ergonomically designed Firestone premium materials in New England, we have what it takes to work on any roof replacement project.

One of the most popular Firestone products is the Ethylene Propylene DieneMonomer(EPDM) roofing system. This material is not only durable but also resistant to direct sunlight. What’s more, this material offers you a friendly-installation solution due to its light weight.

We also use the ever popular CarlisleSyntec premium products including their vegetative roofing systems.   Roof gardens packages from Carlisle include waterproofing membranes and insulation and a new vegetative seed and tile. This is an ideal green solution for residential property.

This affiliation with established roofing manufacturers has made us a trendsetter in the roofing industry in New England.

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Below you can find examples of our commercial roofing replacement projects throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Roof Replacement Projects

Fairfield Country Day School

Eagle’s roof service experts restore the roofing for… Fairfield Country Day

Avon Town Hall

Eagle’s roof service experts restore the roofing for… Avon Town Hall

Avon Old Farms Brown House

Eagle’s roof service experts restore the roofing for… Avon Old Farms

Residential Roof Restoration

Eagle’s roof service experts restore the roofing for… Ginger Mountjoy Avon,

Westfield CT Post Mall

This massive 100,000 square foot roofing project required several phases to

Yale University

Great care was used during the installation of this 5,000 square

Fairfield University Jesuit Center

Eagle’s roof service experts install green roofing for… Fairfield University Jesuit

Avon Old Farms Ice Rink

This hockey rink in Avon, CT is only one of the

Legal Sea Foods Restaurant

Legal Sea Foods is widely considered the best seafood restaurant chain,