DaVinci Polymer Slate Shingles


There is no shortage of roofing products out there, but how many of those will last? At Eagle Rivet, we are determined to select only the best materials for your home.

This is why we have picked DaVinci shake shingles and polymer slate roofing for our clients. DaVinci roofing tiles come in two styles. The first are polymer slate shingles, that have both the authentic look and durability of natural stone, at a significantly lower cost than the natural product. DaVinci synthetic slate shingles have been engineered with shape and tonal variation for maximum authenticity, allowing you to decorate your roof without worrying about depleting finite natural resources. The 100% pure virgin resins used in production are not only sustainable, but allow DaVinci to offer a 50-year limited warranty on all its products.

DaVinci Roofscapes DaVinci also produces roofing in the style of shake shingles. Traditionally, shake shingles are made from split logs, typically cedar or pine. They can be used for roofing or siding, and provide a pleasant rustic texture; unfortunately, wooden shake shingles are also demanding in terms of maintenance. DaVinci synthetic shake shingles are made from virgin waterproof resin, and provide the benefits of traditional shingles while avoiding rot, deformation, discoloration, cracks and retaining their weatherproof qualities for many decades.

For synthetic shingle roofing that’s second to none but the original, DaVinci Roofscapes from Eagle Rivet is there for your home.

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