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At Eagle Rivet we believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time. That’s why we’re so focused on providing the highest level of quality to each and every job we undertake and a big part of accomplishing this is done by pairing the right roofing systems with the right roof.

This is why we often turn to FiberTite. FiberTite is a line of roofing products which were developed by the Seaman Corporation. It’s important to note that the Seaman Corporation has over 60 years of experience developing high performance fabric technology. That’s why their FiberTite roofing system is one of the strongest and longest lasting brands available. It’s made of four different layers, one of which is a face coat made up of DuPont(TM) Elvaloy KEE. It’s this layer which provides great UV and chemical resistance, as well as premier protection against physical damage. Fiberite claims that 99% of FiberTite roofing membranes that have been installed are still at work today, protecting buildings. The durability of their product, coupled with its excellent warranty is what drew us to their product line.

Fibertite Roofing Products On their site you can see the quality of FiberTite firsthand thanks to their series of videos which display the material’s strengths. Here’s the fire test they ran and you can find other videos featuring chemical and puncture tests.

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