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American Hydrotech inc. got its start in 1977 when they secured the exclusive distribution for Monolithic Membrane 6125. Monolithic is a unique waterproofing membrane–a hot fluid applied, rubberized asphalt for waterproofing and roofing applications. Monolith Membrane 6125 is still Hydrotech’s main product, which should give you a good idea of how reliable of a product it is.

Hydrotech takes this dependability a step further and only sells its products to pre-approved contractors like Eagle Rivet. They do this in order to ensure quality workmanship during installation.

American Hydrotech Green RoofsOur favorite product by them is their garden roof assembly and while we’ve touched on the benefits of green roofing before we believe Hydrotech’s offering brings something new to the table. Green roofs automatically enhance a buildings appearance and they provide a great solution for storm water management and also go a long way to improve a building’s energy efficiency. Hydrotech’s garden roof assembly is special because it enables the transformation of any flat or sloped roof into a landscaped environment. It is designed as a lightweight, low profile system which means it can be installed on roofs not engineered to handle the heavy load requirements of a traditional green roof. Hydrotech helps us put more green roofs in more places and we think that’s a very good thing.


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