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Simon Roofing Products are another one of those companies which have been around for a long time (since 1900) and as a company it’s easy to see what matters most to them: great customer service and quality products. That’s why Simon Roofing products are one of the go to building product companies for us. They’ve been around for this long because they know how to make roofs that work.

One reason that Simon Roofing Products are so reliable is because they undergo regular and stringent testing. The company prides themselves on making sure that their products not only meet industry standards but exceed them. They invest billions in product testing in order to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. And while many companies only test the individual components of a roofing system, Simon Roofing is different because they test the entire construct to get a real sense of its abilities.

Simon Roofing EPDM & TPO Roofing Products Our favorite product from Simon Roofing would be their IRO PLY X4S App. It’s a bituminous roof membrane that’s thick, fire-resistant and granule surfaced. It can be applied either with cold adhesive or hot-air weld membrane. It’s a membrane that is easy to maintain and is saturated and coated with premium quality, non-blown asphaltic bitumen. The membrane can be used as a base, interply or cap membrane in different types of modified bitumen roof systems. It’s the product’s versatility and quality that has impressed us time and again.

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