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Innovation is something we have always valued here at Eagle Rivet Roof Service Corporation. It’s been such an important factor in the roofing industry as companies sought to differentiate themselves from their competition by inventing new ways to protect buildings from the elements. In the late 1960s Siplast put the spirit of innovation to good use when they developed the SBS modified bitumens. Innovation and the SBS bitumen have been part of the foundation that Siplast has built their company on.

Eagle Rivet is a Siplast Select Contractor.

Siplast found that when combining SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) with asphalt they could produce a highly durable elastomeric blend that had exceptional elongation/recovery properties over a wide range of temperatures and environments. The versatility of their SBS modified bitumen was a must because its currently being used in over 40 countries, each with varying climates that present different challenges for roofs.

Siplast EPDM & TPO Roofing Products Another great element of working with Siplast is knowing that when you use their products you’re getting a complete roofing or waterproofing solution. They have all of the accessories you could need for the job, whether it’s edge metals, sealants or fasteners. All of their accessories are made to perfectly work with their products. This ensures a consistency throughout roofing systems and ensures reliability and value for customers who benefit from Siplast’s warranty.

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