Roofing Products You Can Trust

The fact that roofs are waterproof (or are supposed to be) is something that is often taken for granted. In all honesty waterproofing a roof is harder than it looks – especially with traditional materials like shingles and wood. Thankfully, recent years have yielded a wide range advancement in waterproofing and insulation products. These products […]

The Roof Restoration of Mason Hall at Loomis Chaffee School

We completed more work at Loomis Chaffee School, this time it was a new roof for the Mason Hall dormitory. We replaced the existing roof with a slate and standing-seam copper roof. We removed the existing slate, and re-roofed the building with high-end Evergreen brand slate from Vermont. And we also installed snow guards, and […]

A Look at the New Roof at Avon Old Farms

Eagle Rivet completed a roof restoration on the Brown House, an enormous brownstone in Avon, CT. We replaced the old roof with synthetic tile. The owner requested that we only use the best fixtures—copper alpine, snow guards, as well as copper flashings and gutters. We’re proud of how the job was completed and it’s just […]

The Roof Restoration of Loomis Chaffee School

Eagle Rivet was called up to Loomis Chaffee School in order to complete a high-end, specialty project which involved removing existing roofing materials, and then designing and building a new slate and standing-seam copper roof. We performed all of the roofing work at the same time, in order to maintain consistency between the different buildings. […]

The Importance of Commercial Roofing Maintenance

In the business world it’s important to catch problems before they become big ones. And this is especially true when it comes to commercial roofing maintenance. There are no end of possible dangers posed by an improperly maintained roof. First and foremost, there is the safety of your employees and your customers to consider. Roofs […]

Eagle Rivet Receives AIA Honors

It’s easy to see the pride and experience that Eagle Rivet calls when they undertake a project–the proof is in the results. They reflect a professional level of dedication that Eagle Rivet has honed for over 25 years of service. Several projects that Eagle Rivet has worked on recently received yearly honors from the Connecticut […]

The Newington Public Schools Recommendation of Eagle Rivet

Here at Eagle Rivet we strive to make sure our work speaks for itself in terms of quality. Though that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate a kind word from our customers. Recently we received a recommendation letter from the Newington public school district. It was great to be honored by the school and we are […]

The Eagle Rivet News Section

We’ve just launched a new section on Eagle Rivet’s main site. It’s a page devoted to Eagle Rivet press mentions.

Massachusetts Cleans Up After Irene

The Northeast was hit hard by hurricane Irene and few places saw it worse than Massachusetts. Most of the damage dealt was obvious, tree limbs torn down, power lanes strewn about and wide spread floods.

Roof Damage in Connecticut from Irene

Hurricane Irene was tough on a lot of people. Thousands of homes lost power which put many in tough situations. It’s easy to forget how much we rely on electricity for our entertainment, work or as just a way to pass the time.