Commercial Industries Served

Eagle Rivet Roofing stands as a top-tier choice for commercial roofing in Connecticut.

We grasp the distinct hurdles that commercial property overseers and industrial building owners face with their roofing. Our seasoned team is primed to serve a diverse range of clients across different sectors, such as: 

Trust Eagle Rivet Roofing for Premium and Efficient Solutions

If you’re planning to fix, replace, or set up a fresh commercial roof, look no further. Eagle Rivet Roofing offers all-encompassing and tailored approaches that align with your needs, without overshooting your budget. 


We furnish office spaces with commercial roofing solutions that promise both safety and long-lasting quality. Eagle Rivet Roofing is committed to delivering green and visually appealing roofing that elevates the stature of the building.


When it comes to medical facilities, we recognize the essence of fostering a protected and contamination-free space. Our roofing solutions for this sector are crafted to meet these specific standards, always keeping hygiene and safety at the forefront.


Spanning storage facilities to production hubs, we furnish a sturdy roofing foundation that stands resilient even under rigorous conditions, catering to an array of commercial and industrial infrastructures.


Eagle Rivet Roofing is adept at crafting roofing solutions for educational institutions and similar buildings. Our squad ensures a trifecta of safety, economical viability, and strict adherence to building norms and codes.


In the hospitality sector, aesthetics and comfort are paramount. Addressing this, Eagle Rivet Roofing offers dependable and eye-catching roofing services, setting the stage for a warm and inviting atmosphere for visitors.

Retail Centers

Retail establishments can count on us to bolster their appearance while safeguarding their precious wares. With prowess in roof setups, mends, and renewals, we ensure these hubs remain enticing and fail-safe for shoppers.

Connecticut's Trusted Source for Commercial Roofing Services

At Eagle Rivet Roofing, our ethos revolves around unmatched client relations, superior craft, and cutting-edge roofing solutions. Serving the multifaceted sectors of Connecticut, our brigade stands poised to fortify your asset, ensuring its operational and aesthetic longevity. 

Eager to broach your commercial roofing endeavor with our connoisseurs? Reach out at (860)-953-1231 or complete our online form to get started today!