Commercial Roof Replacement for Connecticut

Our Commercial Roof Services

Eagle Rivet offers top-quality commercial roof replacement services for Connecticut commercial property managers and industrial facility managers. Our dedicated professionals excel in:

Whether you’re in the market for commercial flat roof replacement or seeking efficient ways to control commercial roof replacement expenses, Eagle Rivet is your go-to choice. 

Commercial Roofing Material Selection

Our roofing specialists guide you in selecting the right materials for your commercial roof replacement. We present an array of choices, spanning from conventional materials to newer ones that guarantee top performance and durability. Collaborating with top-tier manufacturers, we make sure our clientele gets the finest roofing materials available, such as:

Built-Up Roofing (BUR)

Modified Bitumen

Single-Ply Membranes (TPO, PVC, EPDM)​

Liquid-Applied Roofing Systems​

Commercial Roofing Systems:
Design and Installation

With the incorporation of the newest trends in commercial roof replacement technology, Eagle Rivet offers unmatched roofing system design and setup services. We engage closely with clients, crafting systems that bolster energy savings, durability, and superior functionality. Given Connecticut’s rigorous weather, our adept team employs the most suitable design nuances and fitting techniques, making sure your freshly installed roof stands strong for the long haul. 

Specialized Flat Roof Replacement Services

Eagle Rivet is fully aware of the distinct demands of flat roof replacements, and we render niche services to cater to these requirements. Regardless of the magnitude of the project, our team is primed to tackle it, always ensuring top-tier quality and service.

Advancements in Commercial Roof Replacement Technology

Staying updated with the evolving commercial roof replacement technology, Eagle Rivet is devoted to offering clients unparalleled outcomes. With strides in roofing products, setup methods, and eco-friendly innovations, we keep enhancing our methodologies to serve at the zenith of the industry.

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Why Use Eagle Rivet For Commercial Roof Replacement?

Residing in New England means dealing with intense winters and storms that can inflict significant wear and tear on commercial roofs. Periodic roof care, mending, and replacement are vital for safeguarding your assets. Our Eagle Rivet squad extends impeccable commercial roof replacement services, ensuring your infrastructure remains shielded all year. Besides weather-induced damages, other compelling reasons for roof replacements include: 

Whether you’re keen on curbing commercial roof replacement expenses or addressing recent storm-inflicted damages, trust Eagle Rivet for unparalleled expertise and dependable results.

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