Eagle Rivet Is Now CTAA Certified

Eagle Rivet Is Now CTAA Certified

Eagle Rivet is a commercial roofing company that services primarily the Connecticut area. We provide quality service on all types of buildings including Boston EPDM flat roof. We do emergency roof repairs, annual roof inspections, roof replacements, and even infrared roof moisture surveys. From flat roof systems to multiple-ply roof and Steep pitch roofs, our skill allows us to provide all different roof types with the quality you can trust.

The Board of Directors and the Connecticut Apartment Association (CTAA) has recently recognized Eagle Rivet as a part of their organization. They help to provide quality housing through education and networking property owners with managers and vendors. By being apart of CTAA, this means that we are also apart of the National Apartment Association (NAA), which focuses on the multifamily housing industry.

By becoming a member of CTAA, it opens many doors for our company. It helps us to provide better quality to our customers through their housing purchases. We are always looking for ways to grow while offering the best service to our clients. This allows us to give our customers a cost-effective way for house owners, staff and managers to be up-to-date with knowledge and issues pertaining to their business.

For members of the CTAA, there are many benefits offered and events that run throughout the year. This helps to give members a code of ethics to enhance their performance in their industry.
Members are left with a service that provides great quality all at a reasonable price. The CTAA offers educational and networking opportunities, sends out media, enforces state legislative efforts and continually creates business opportunities and growth for our members!

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