New Roofing Articles Published

New Roofing Articles Published

We’ve got two brand new articles up that you guys should take a look at. Both of the articles were published on and they’re part of our effort to educate New England property owners about different types of roofing. We haven’t seen a lot of quality articles out there on the most advanced types of roofing, such as EPDM and Boston TPO roofing membrane. We’re doing our best to change that.

The first of the two articles is titled: Advantages of a Commercial Metal Roof. The article serves as a good starting point for anyone interested in having a metal roof installed at a commercial property. It provides details on the strengths of a typical commercial metal roof as well as it’s environmental impact.

The second article is titled: What is Built-up Roofing? Like the first article, this one provides a good deal of background on this particular roofing type. It also offers several reasons as to why a commercial property would turn to built up roofing and stresses the importance of having it installed by a reliable contractor like Eagle Rivet.

It is our goal with these articles to provide helpful and expert advice to commercial property managers who are looking for new roofing options. With that in mind, feel free to contact us with any additional questions or comments.

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