Ethel Walker School

About This Project

About This Project

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This roofing project is currently still in progress. The Ethel Walker School is a day school and boarding school for girls. It is an independent college preparatory school for grades 6 through 12. They prepare their students to excel in the arts, athletics, leadership and scholarly as well. Their mission is to educate girls and empower them with confidence.

The Ethel Walker school was built in 1911 in Lakewood, New Jersey. It was started with just ten girls attending. The school grew and in 1917, the school moved its site to it's current site in Simsbury, CT. The school to this day consists of a chapel, a theater, meeting rooms, a gym and athletic fields.

  • Locality: Simsbury CT
  • Project Type: New Construction addition at Ethel Walker School to house new Gymnasium & Natatorium.
  • Materials: JM PVC with custom edge finishes. CertainTeed Shingles, Freedom Grey gutters & downspouts, Alpine Snow Guards