Jewish Senior Services

About This Project

About This Project

This is a new construction for an Assisted living facility in Bridgeport for Jewish Senior Services. These are what we call a “green” roof area.

What you see as roofing material is a Hot Rubberized roof coating with a protective layer on top. The rolled out material you see is called System Filter and allows any penetrating water to flow towards the drains.

Over that is called Dow Blue board and is used more to build the area up to grade as you see in the photo we are bringing this area up to the gray metal on the wall.

The egg crate-looking material is used under areas where there will be concrete pad poured and once the curbs are laid out “which are the outline of the concrete pad” we fill these cups with lightweight aggregate which allows water to flow under the concrete pad.

The areas which are not concrete are used to create a garden affect complete with shrubs and topsoil.

  • Locality: 4200 Park Ave. Bridgeport, CT
  • Project Type: Green Roofing
  • Materials: TPO Roofing and Hydrotech Hot Rubberized Roofing for green roof areas, drainage matt, garden drain, filter fabric and Dow blue board. Lightweight aggregate and topsoil to create a garden plaza over the roof. Bar area going over a TPO roof with Bison wood decking panels.