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Our Roots are in Roofs

Eagle has built their excellent reputation on thousands of quality commercial roof installations. We apply that same integrity to our home improvements and residential roofing services. Residential roofing, siding, and window replacements are backed by Eagle’s knowledge of materials, an expert ability to install and maintain them, and diligent project management skills. Our roots are in the communities of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Florida, so our reputation is always on the line. For almost a century, the craftsmanship of Eagle has withstood the scrutiny of thousands of satisfied customers.

Choosing the Right Roof

Durability, appearance, maintenance, and cost are important considerations when selecting a roof. We’ll also advise you on the roof infrastructure, local building codes, fire safety, pitch, snow buildup, energy efficiency, thermal shock, and ventilation. While 90% of all residential roofing projects use asphalt shingles, Eagle will thoroughly evaluate your existing roof structure and help you weigh the pros and cons of each available option, including integration of solar PV roof panels. Eagle stays on the forefront of roof materials technology and constantly evaluates the latest materials and installation procedures.

Eco-friendly and traditional slate, wood and laminated or composite asphalt shingles all require specific installation techniques to guarantee their longevity and performance. These are only a few of the residential roof options available to you. Eagle has the knowledge and skilled craftsmen to do a careful, thorough job, especially on the details, such as flashing, fastening, and sealing. Give us a call or send us an email and let’s discuss your upcoming home roofing project.

Contact David Nietch for an R.C.A. and/or Roof Quote

Eagle serves residential customers, homeowners and property managers with even more than just roofs. Get in touch with us to discuss:

  • Siding
  • Window Replacements
  • Building Codes, Fire Safety and Energy efficiency
  • Ventilation
  • Flashing
  • Gutters
  • Solar Roofs and Photovoltaic panels

Common Roofing Types

Slate RoofingSynthetic/Slate Roof – See Slate Roof project
Eagle installed a Carlisle EcoStar Polymeric Slate Tile Roof System on this luxurious residence in
Farmington, CT.


Wood Shingle RoofWood Shingle Roof – See Wood Shingle Roof project
A Historical Wood Roof Renovation in
Wethersfield, Connecticut


Asphalt Shingle RoofAsphalt Shingle Roof – See Asphalt Shingle Roof project
Eagle removed the existing asphalt shingle roof and relaced it with a new asphalt roof in
Suffield, Connecticut.


Standing Seam RoofStanding Seam Roof – See Standing Seam Roof project
The standing seam metal roofing was removed, a layer of insulation was secured to the deck in
Avon, Connecticut

Residential Roofing Projects

Meadow Farm Condominium Association

The roofs of this condominium community had been plagued by ice

Bidwell Residence

Eagle Rivet is a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor Program Member. “Something we

Zahren Residence

Eagle’s roof service experts restore the roofing for… Zahren Residence in

Residential Roof Restoration

Eagle’s roof service experts restore the roofing for… Ginger Mountjoy Avon,

Taylor Hall Dormitory

The elite and storied Loomis Chaffee School contracted Eagle Rivet for

University Towers

Eagle performed all re-roofing work as part of a major upgrade

Historic Residential Roofing Project

Eagle’s roof service experts design and build a roof for… Historic

Kelly Residence Green Roof

Eagle’s roof service experts restore the roofing for… Kelly Residence HydroTech