Roof Maintenance & Repair Division


Roof Repair FlatPreventative Maintenance is the best way to achieve maximum performance and longevity to your existing roofing system. Periodic visual inspections and repairs performed properly can greatly increase the service life of any commercial or residential roof application.

Eagle Rivet Roof Service offers a complimentary R.C.A. (Roof Condition Analysis) Report to all existing and potential clients interested or concerned about the “health” of their roofing system. Our highly trained, qualified staff and Tewksbury Roofers will conduct a fifteen (15) point visual roof inspection, which includes roof measurements, photographs of immediate distress to the roof system and/or potential issues that could cause failure before the roofs serviceable life expectancy. Give your roof the support it deserves, Contact Eagle’s Service Division Manager, David Nietch to schedule your free R.C.A. today!

Count on Eagle Rivet to perform preventative maintenance and emergency roof repair for your property.

  • 24/7 emergency roof services
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Roof condition assessment

Roof Repair Commercial

Call for Emergency Roof Repair

Call the number at the top of the page for the office closest to you for 24/7 emergency roof repair services for your home, commercial or facility roofs in immediate distress.



Annual Roof Inspections

Now that Eagle Rivet Roof Service has presented our findings to the business/home owner, what’s next?

Leaf Removal from GuttersEagle recommends a minimum of one roof inspection per year. New England’s varying climate and weather patterns usually requires semi-annual inspections. The small cost of an Eagle Rivet Semi Annual Maintenance Agreement which provides inspections, cleaning of debris/roof drainage, and all minor repairs is a fraction of what it may cost to replace a roof, or even small sections of your roof unexpectedly. Your inspections are dispatched and scheduled automatically through our Service Coordinator, David Nietch.


Roof Maintenance Metal Work


Featured Industrial Re-roofing Projects

Hallmark Cards Distribution Center
NRG Montville Power Generating Station
Stanley Works World Headquarters

Click here for more information on commercial roofing replacement.

Infrared Roof Moisture Analysis/Surveys

Infrared RoofIf a roof leaks, how does that affect the overall performance of that particular roofing system? The answers are simple, but not necessarily pleasing to a building/home owner. Persistent roof leaks can and will cause loss of production to the business owner when staff is inconvenienced, loss of insulating properties to the roofing system, structural (roof deck) damage and/or failure, and the word that no business/home owner want to hear, mold. A roofing system left in this state usually results in the entire roof to be removed and replaced much earlier than anticipated.

Infrared Roof Eagle Rivet Roof Service’s Moisture Analysis reports can help determine where your existing roof system has been compromised and what repairs would be required to alleviate the situation immediately. We employ the most effective and high-quality solutions including elastomeric roof coatings, thermoplastic roof coatings and various kinds of roof membranes.

Roof Replacement Projects

After years of repair and maintenance we’ll recommend a roof replacement after drawing the entire serviceable life out of your institution’s roof.

Roof Repair and Replacement Projects

Arburg North America

Materials: ECO-White EPDM roof Eagle installed a fully adhered ECO-White EPDM roof

New Roof for Miss Porter’s School

Eagle’s roof service experts install the new roof for… Miss Porter’s

Performing Arts Center

Eagle’s roof service experts restore the roofing for… University of Hartford

Suffield Academy Dorms

Eagle’s roof service experts restore the roofing for… Suffield Academy Dorms

Congregation Beth Israel Synagogue

Congregation Beth Israel Synagogue West Hartford, CT Eagle Rivet installed a

Bristol Hospital

Eagle removed the existing 25,000 square foot roof and replaced it