Roof Waterproofing


roof-waterproofing-applyEagle Rivet’s Waterproofing Division installs horizontal and vertical waterproofing systems. Waterproofing systems differ from other commercial roofing systems in that the membrane is buried beneath earth, pavers, pavement or other materials which can support foot or vehicular traffic. Typical waterproofing applications include below grade foundation walls, bridge decks, plaza decks and green roofs.

Waterproofing systems require careful design and installation as once the system is installed and buried, it is extremely difficult to inspect and make repairs. The installation of protection and drainage layers, insulation and filter fabrics are also part of a typical roof waterproofing system.

Membrane selection for waterproofing systems include both hot and cold applied multi-ply bituminous built up systems, hot applied rubberized asphalt, self adhesive bituminous, PVC, butly rubber and EPDM. Eagle Rivet is approved to install all of these systems.

Past Roof Waterproofing Projects

  • Bristol Hospital
  • University of Hartford Performing Arts
  • II Poggio
  • Aetna Data Center
  • Miss Porters School Roof Design

Roofing Projects

Arburg North America

Materials: ECO-White EPDM roof Eagle installed a fully adhered ECO-White EPDM roof

New Roof for Miss Porter’s School

Eagle’s roof service experts install the new roof for… Miss Porter’s

Performing Arts Center

Eagle’s roof service experts restore the roofing for… University of Hartford

Suffield Academy Dorms

Eagle’s roof service experts restore the roofing for… Suffield Academy Dorms

Bristol Hospital

Eagle removed the existing 25,000 square foot roof and replaced it