Flat Roof Replacement


If you are a property owner, you must have come across different theories on applicability of flat roofs. There are claims that they are leaky, costly to maintain and unstable.

However, modern roofing technology has changed all this and with lengthy guarantees from roofing contractors, this has become one of the best roofing options. With time however the roof will wear off hence requiring replacement. To get quality flat roof replacement you need an established local roof contractor like Eagle Rivet to work on your project.

We have worked on massive roof replacement projects including Fairfield Business school, University of Hartford Performing Arts Centre, NRG Montville Power Station to mention but a few. You might have different reasons for flat roof replacement  from Boston flat roofing contractors including enhancement of aesthetic value for your property, home maintenance, preparing the property for the market or enhancing the life of your property. The fact that your roof is the most prominent part of your building makes it critical for an experienced contractor to work on it when it needs replacement.

One of the main advantages of having your flat roof replaced by an expert is the upgrades. The roof technology that may have been used to lay your roof years back has been surpassed by time and today, more sophisticated materials and roof fittings will make your home a delight to live in.

Flat Roofing Materials

We have the experience of using the latest roofing materials. Whether you need a Felt Roof, Built-up-Roof (BUR), modified bitumen roof, EPDM or any other materials, we are fully equipped to handle your flat roof replacement.

In addition, your property will enjoy upgrades including unique contemporary gutters and downspouts, ice guards and solar panel installation if need be. Simply put, Eagle Rivet has the capability and expertise to give your flat roof afresh breath of life thus transforming your property into a beauty to behold.

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Flat Roof Replacement Projects

Friends Center for Children in New Haven

Eagle Rivet installed a TPO flat roof and a metal roof

North Haven Target Outlet

Eagle Rivet works on solar panel installation for: Target Retail Outlet

Hartford Personal Lines Insurance Center

Eagle’s roof service experts remove and replace the roofing for… The

Hallmark Cards Distribution Center

Eagle performed the re-roofing of this 130,000 square foot facility. A

EPDM Industrial Roof Replacement

Driven by Latex International’s ambitious relocation effort after a devastating fire

Otis Elevator Industrial Roofing

Eagle removed the existing tar and gravel roof and replaced it

Stanleyworks EPDM Flat Roof

Eagle removed the existing ballasted EPDM and replaced it with a

Fairfield University Roof Replacement

For this 25,000 square foot roof renovation project, Eagle removed the

Ellington YMCA

Eagle’s roof service experts restore the roofing for… Ellington YMCA –

ADVO Inc Roof Replacement

This complex project involved two buildings and required the application of

The Hartford

This demanding project required the re-roofing process to occur during off

Westfield CT Post Mall

This massive 100,000 square foot roofing project required several phases to

General Electric

Eagle’s roof service experts restore the roofing for the General Electric