Solar Photovoltaic Roofing Solutions

Eagle Rivet is trained and experienced in the design and installation of roof mounted photovoltaic systems. Our staff can evaluate your buildings location, geometry and geography to determine if it is a suitable candidate for roof mounted solar. We can determine the available peak sunlight hours, irradiance and insolation. This in turn will allow us to calculate the amount of electric energy you can expect to achieve from your proposed system. We can help you compare the potential output of the system to your current energy usage to determine if solar is right for you.

Once the size of the system and potential energy generation is determined, we can assist in determining what grants are available to you from both federal and state governments as well as energy suppliers. This information, coupled with your cost of electric energy, will inform you as to how much the system will cost out of pocket, what its life cycle cost will be and what net savings you can expect on a monthly or yearly basis.

Solar Panel Installation

Options for types of roof mounted solar arrays include monocrystalline, polycrystalline or thin film panels. Roof mount or rack mount attachment systems and angled, flat or adjustable tilt positioning. Eagle can help you decide which of these options make the most sense for your application.
Please call our experienced team to determine if a roof mounted photovoltaic system is right for you.


Leak Repair

Our commercial roofing division
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Flat Roof Repair

We work closely with General Contractors,
Roof Consultants and/or Building Owners
to achieve the common goal
of a high quality re-roof application.

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