The Ins and Outs of Stone Ballast Removal

The Ins and Outs of Stone Ballast Removal

There are a lot of things we owe our longevity to, qualities such as our work ethic, our attention to detail and customer focused approach. But if there is one thing that has gotten us this far, from our start almost one hundred years ago, it would have to be our willingness and ability to change with the times. Technology is growing leaps and bounds every decade and nowhere more so than in building materials. This spirit of advancement is what led us to publish a press release on Stone Ballast Removal.

Stone ballast has been a mainstay of the roofing industry for centuries now, the natural enemy of roofs is of course the elements. And few things combat the elements like a healthy covering of stones. It protects roofing materials from high winds as well as the harmful rays of the sun. But thanks to the march of technology many roofing systems no longer require stone ballast. There are plenty of roofing systems available now, such as Boston TPO roofing systems, which can be glued down securely and are specifically made to resist sunlight and heat. But even if a stone ballast roof is still in place there will come time to repair or maintain it.

Removing tons worth of stone ballast can be backbreaking work and for a long time it was exactly that. Enter: giant, truck-mounted vacuums. They suck up the stone ballast from the roof and deposit them into the dump trucks. And then owners can decide whether they want the stones disposed of or replace once the work has been completed. If you’d like to know more about stone ballast roofs and the relevant services that we provide, visit our Stone Ballast Removal page.

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