Winter Hazards that Affect Your Roof

Winter Hazards that Affect Your Roof

The winter season can be challenging for your home or commercial building in general; however, of all the fixtures and fittings, it is the roof that suffers the most. The different elements of the winter weather have a specific effect on the roof, which ends up harming the fixture in different ways. Here is a brief discussion regarding roofing problems due to the winter season and how you can counter it.

1.Damage through Hail

Hailstorms can dent the metal vents and roof as the ridge the cap since it receives the most hits. The weather condition also leaves minute circular impressions on the shingles, weakening them to the core. Water can also accumulate underneath the shingles leading to considerable problems for the user.

Getting heavy-duty shingles and examining the damage after the hailstorm are some measures you can take to counter the weather condition.

2.Temperature Drop

Another factor of the winters that affects the roof you use is the drop in temperature. The fluctuations in temperature are more severe during the winter season. Excessive reduction in temperature shortens the lifespan of the roof significantly. The weather can result in loose seams and cracked joints; it can also cause separated flashings, which is mighty difficult to fix.

Unfortunately, you have no control over the weather, and given the drop in temperature, these are symptoms that are bound to appear. All you can do is call in a professional to inspect the roof regularly and ensure the effective maintenance of the roof.

3.Wind and Snow

If you live in a climate that is prone to snowfall and wind, you must build a roof that is ideal for these conditions. Build a roof with the right weight that can withstand the pressure of the snow and wind. Additionally, it would be best if you also took measures for effective maintenance of the roof, while ensuring that the insulation of the roof is not affected.

These are examples of some measures that you can take to counter the winter hazards that affect your roof.

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