The Newington Public Schools Recommendation of Eagle Rivet

The Newington Public Schools Recommendation of Eagle Rivet

Here at Eagle Rivet we strive to make sure our work speaks for itself in terms of quality. Though that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate a kind word from our customers. Recently we received a recommendation letter from the Newington public school district. It was great to be honored by the school and we are very glad that they found our work to be exemplary. Here is a quick highlight from the recommendation letter:

your expertise and professional tradesman allowed our project to be completed in a timely, accurate, and cost effective manner.

This is our goal every time we set out to complete a job and it’s what we’ve been striving toward for over 25 years. Visit the Eagle Rivet references page to read the rest of the letter. And if you’re in need of a professional CT roofing contractor then choose Eagle Rivet.

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